Monday, 18 January 2016

Dancing on home turf

Since my class in Holborn binned its jazz class and the advanced level classes, I have to admit that sadly the number of times I go dancing in the week has reduced. I've even taken to getting of one tube stop early to make up the extra exercise I'm missing through lack of dancing!

Now when I do go dancing I usually head to Dalston to Passing Clouds (my absolutely favourite place!!) or the Scolts head, which are a bit of a mission to get home to. 

Thankfully a new Swing Patrol class has opened in Finsbury Park, just two stops from where I live! Joy!

So as of the first class last week (I say first but I think it closed down and re-opened with new teachers) I now have somewhere again I can go dancing each week! 

And the best thing is the teachers are ace, Tae is amazing and I was chuffed she would be teaching so close to where I live. I'm really excited to be learning from her again; she used to teach the jazz class at my old Holborn classes.

I even joined in the beginners class; I’m determined to learn how to lead properly so thought ‘why not?!’
I’m looking forward to extending my lindy friends circle and meeting and dancing with some new people.

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