Friday, 20 November 2015

A piece of history

Last month I was lucky enough to get to take part in the celebrations for Waldorf Hilton’s £13.5 million refurbishment. 
Champagne please!

Part of the celebrations included a tour of the new Astor Suite (which officially became the best suite/hotel in the world when  I saw the 'Press for Champagne' button in the room - you literally press it and champagne is brought up to the room by a waiter!) and a chance to dance in the Palm Court. 

People have danced and socialised in the Edwardian ballroom since its opening in 1908, and the place has become such an important landmark that the building is protected. This protected status means that certain things cannot be changed, altered or revamped, so rather charmingly the floor in the Palm Court is covered with the nics and scratches as a result of over 100 years worth of dances. 

Dancing to live music in the Palm Court

Totally charmed by this factoid, dancing there that night was made all the more enjoyable, knowing I was literally dancing on history. 

As well as dancing there was a performance by the Twin Swing and a dance class from Strictly Come Dancing's Matthew Cutler.
Dances have been held in the Palm Court since the hotel opened in 1908. The evidence of that fact can been seen on the floor.

Tea dances are held most months at the hotel and the £62 a ticket includes a delicious afternoon tea and live band - nothing beats dance to live music. 

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