Monday, 16 November 2015

Vintage and dancing

Vintage dancing, or rather dancing in vintage splits opinions. 

There’s the camp who want everything from the music and the dancing down to the shoes and outfit they wear to be original. Or there’s the camp I’m in, the ones who would rather wear reproduction through fear of damaging their real vintage.

Out dancing in my reproduction (top from Collectif and shorts from River Island - you can also find some great items on the highstreet!)
I’ll be the first to say I love, love, love original vintage clothing. My wardrobe is full of it and I feel at my most attractive and best when wearing it, but I would never dream of wearing it dancing. That doesn't include accessories though, a vintage headscarf is a favourite of mine.

For a start I’ve seen (and heard) far too many rips and tears in true vintage items at dances. And as blunt as it sounds, yes I feel very sorry for them, but what did they expect? Lindy is a fast dance at times and accidents can happen. I would much rather have an accident happen to my reproduction item than the real deal, especially as a curvy girl who has to put in the extra work to find that perfect fitting vintage gem. 

That said people should wear whatever they want so if they are comfortable taking that risk then fine. But the thought of wearing my original 20s silk dress and it getting damaged brings me out in a cold sweat.

Out to dinner in my original 50s dress (an etsy gem!)
Washing too often can be incredibly wearing for all clothes especially older items. And if you’ve spent the night dancing away there is no way washing your clothes can be avoided. Another reason reproduction is best for me. 

When it comes to true vintage, especially when it’s delicate, I do choose to wear it for special occasions – and yes for me that does include to the office, well you’ve got to make the effort haven’t you? But my true vintage will never be seen on the dance floor.

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