Monday, 22 February 2016

GNSH 2016

So this morning, 6am, I was still dancing away at Goodnight Sweetheart (GNSH). Now a few hours later I'm at my desk, the feeling of tiredness being totally overwritten by the huge high I'm still on after the weekend.

Jiveswing who run GNSH will always have a place in my lindy life as I learnt with them when I started Five years ago, so the weekender is always something I look forward to.
Advanced class fun with Joseph Sewell and Audrey Da Sois. Photo by Joseph.

It may not be the biggest camp, or in the most exotic location (try as I might, Watford just isn't sexy), but what lacks in size and location it more than makes up for in atmosphere and the level of teaching.

Sitting at my desk now, I can feel my legs and feet throbbing after the hours I've spent in class and on the social dance floor this weekend, but it's a pain that is totally worth it because I always learn so much.
I never remember my fan. Ever. This was a momentous moment!

Highlights of the weekend class wise were the two tasters I attended, Joseph Sewell's Blues (the old school, couldn't get a piece of paper in between a couple style) and Eglė Nemickaitė and Arnas Razgūna' shag taster.

I love learning new moves and techniques in the advanced classes I signed up for but it's always fun to have a go at something new!  
The last night survivors picture. Tired, achy, but having oh so much fun. Picture courtesy of the lovely Alex Gall
I also entered the Jack and Jill again this year, didn't place (obviously) but I just love the experience so it's a joy nonetheless. But my amazing dancer of a friend Florence came second which was too exciting!

And as always, I had some amazing dances, both with people I already knew and new faces. 

Every time I go to a camp it just reaffirms how much I love dancing, and that even having to hobble up the stairs because I've got achy legs and the odd bruise is so, so, so worth it! 

All in all, roll on 2017 I say! 

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