Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Back to basics

Whilst I was in Copenhagen for the lindy exchange earlier this year, I got talking to some dancers on a rather interesting topic: does having all the moves necessarily make dancing any more fun?

I remembered when I first started dancing, I didn't know any fancy swing out variations (hell I didn't even know a basic) and I still had really fun dances.

Now, although I still have absolutely amazing dances, I find myself thinking 'what crowd/lead pleasing variation can I do next?' I can't help but wonder, am I over complicating things?

In a bid to encourage other dancers to ask for a dance (because let's be honest, it's fine asking for a dance but it is rather lovely to be asked) I'm essentially peacocking. But sometimes I've been a victim to my own attempt at flashiness, mistiming a variation and totally missing a beat.  

I find myself panicking when I dance with a lead who throws in every move in their arsenal and often find some of my favourite dances are ones where the lead uses a few select moves but executes them really well.

Maybe it's time to strip back my own dancing and stop peacocking for any Tom, Dick, or Harry.

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